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Continuing J&S Drilling’s experience supplying quality Production Bores we have successfully completed Production Bores equipped with pumps and headworks from the Swan Valley to Bunbury .

Bores drilled to between 60 metres and 130 metres with steel surface casings, Fibreglass Reinforced Casing (FRP), Test Pumping and Headworks have been completed using both Air Drilling and Mud Rotary completions.

Bores have been Down Hole Logged with Natural Gamma and Long and Short Resistivity to determine suitable aquifer identification along with the sampling and logging of drill cuttings to confirm identification of suitable Hydrogeological strata.

From this data the bores can be accurately designed to obtain the best yield possible prior to final construction.

Class 2 & 3 drillers have been kept busy complying with the Department of Water (DoW) West Australia conditions of licence constructing bores to the Minimum Requirements for Water bore Construction in Australia.

Provision of accurate drilling logs, sampling and strata description, completion of Form 2s for DoW are integral conditions of licenced bore completion in West Australia.

Continuing with J&S Drilling’s strong relationship with the WA Water Corporation we have completed additional drilling and installation of Production Bores in the South West of WA.

Albany comprised seven (7) Production bores complete with Stainless Steel screens and cl12 PVC casing to depths of circa 80 metres these bores produced various flows of 2 to 10 litres per second determined from constant rate pump testing over 48 hours of continuous pumping.

Strata drilled comprised clays and gravels with discreet lenses of water bearing sands at varying intervals. These water bearing lenses where captured using a variety of screen apertures set at varying depths to maximize bore yields and performance.

In total J&S drilling has added an additional 12 bores to the Albany bore fields.