head office
253 Wattleup Road, Wattleup, WA 6166

The heart of the J&S Drilling business is the workshop at Wattleup – producing high quality, customised equipment and integrated drilling systems – leading to J&S Drilling’swell-known reputation in the industry for safety, reliability, innovation and excellence.

J&S Drilling has found, through many years of experience that the critical aspects of successful field drilling services require:

• Highly skilled and well trained staff who are self motivated and safety conscious;
• Equipment that is in excellent condition, well maintained and serviced;
• Consultation with the client to specify and provide the right equipment for the job;
• The ability to manage mobilisation and access problems to or from the site;
• Crews to be self sufficient in terms of maintenance of equipment in the field;
• Management and rectification of equipment breakdowns which is an inevitable but foreseeable issue to deal with; and
• To provide a professional and cost effective service to our clients.

All drilling operations are carried out in accordance with a set of Standard Work Procedures (SWP) which are regularly reviewed and updated.

J&S Drilling prides itself on being able to handle any situation in order to complete the job on or better than the time allowed. J&S Drilling has proven in many instances that faced with difficult ground conditions, the crew can work with the client to review the particular situation to achieve a mutually acceptable solution to the problem. J&S Drilling can confidently approach any drilling issue, in any environment (land, mangrove, nearshore) because of the quality of the equipment and highly trained and committed operations staff.

The equipment is fully maintained both at the workshop by specialist trades people and in the field by competent crews. J&S Drilling places high priority on the quality of the equipment mobilised to site, the workshop is capable of completing all of the design, fabrication and maintenance requirements for the drilling rig fleet.

J&S Drilling’s fleet of drills are fully equipped to operate in any conditions onshore, in tailings dams and nearshore locations.

It is J&S Drilling’s policy to only operate late model equipment, and all drill rigs are fully rebuilt every 5 years. This approach ensures that J&S are able to offer equipment that is very reliable, efficient and safe to operate. This means that our clients’ benefit, as reliability and efficiency, coupled with experienced and motivated staff, translates into cost efficiencies. Clients & potential clients are encourage and welcome to inspect the equipment and facilities at Wattleup, at any time.