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J&S Drilling is certified to ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard

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Our drilling fleet and diverse range of equipment / platforms ensure we can meet any job requirement on land or over water. Whether it’s on land, marine, nearshore, rivers, dams or intertidal, our Jackups, Barges and/or Mangrove (Marsh) Buggies can access those difficult all terrain environments. If it’s a small footprint drilling company you need then we have a vast amphibious fleet available.

Our fleet is designed and purpose built taking into account Environmental sensitivities. Call us and speak to our experts about your access and environmental conditions.

Rigs and support equipment can be fitted to Trailers, Trucks, Mangrove (Marsh) Buggies, Jackups, Barges and Track Machines. See list below and click on the links to the specific Specification Sheets for the main types of Platforms and Drill Rigs available.
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Rig # Model
Rig 3 Jacro 350
Rig 6 Earth Probe 200
Rig 7 Edson 3000G
Rig 8 Edson 3000WB
Rig 9 Sonic Drill Rig
Rig 10 Edson 3000G
Rig 11 Fraste XL Max
Rig 12 Fraste FS300
Rig 13 Fraste FS400



Vehicle Purpose
4×4 Hino Water Trucks
6×6 MAN Support Trucks
4×4 Canters Fuel / Support Trucks
4×4 Hino (FOPS) Water Trucks
4×4 Canters (FOPS) Fuel / Support Trucks



Platform Purpose
Landtamer Personnel transfer / emergency
Morookas Rig carrier / water carrier / support carrier
8×8 Argo Avengers Personnel transfer / emergency



Platform Purpose
Self-Elevating Platform  (Jackup) Rig carrier



Platform Purpose
Mud Puppy Recycling Unit
Auxiliary Mud Pumps Increase up-hole velocity
Compressors Air Drilling
Grouting Machine Pressure grouting bores
Pump Test Equipment Bore efficiency, draw down & flow rates