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Each quarter the best staff photos are collected and the winning photos added to the J&S Drilling news items. The 3rd quarter photo provided some very good photos and the adjudicators could not separate 3 x photos. In the end it was agreed all 3 will share best photo. In no particular order: [...]

Salt Lake Helicopter Drilling

A challenging project? not for J&S Drilling. Firstly we dismantled one of our smaller rigs for the Salt Lake Helicopter Drilling.  Preparation The maximum lift weight allowed for the project is 1000kg, including rigging, due to the size of the helicopter support. That is to say, we had th [...]

Staff Photo Competition – 2nd Quarter 2020

Each quarter the best staff photos is selected and the winning photo is added to the J&S Drilling news items. The 2st quarter winning photo is an Edson Drill Rig (Rig10) mounted on a Morooka.  Ready to perform PQ3 Coring in regional WA.      A difficult decisio [...]

Land Fill Monitoring Bores

Land Fill Monitoring Bores project conducted at the Henderson Waste Recovery Facility We deployed an Edson 3000 Drilling rig set up for Auger drilling through very difficult terrain. As a result we auger drilled and installed 40 monitoring bores. Despite the difficult drilling conditions, the [...]

New Sonic Drill Rig

New Sonic Drill Rig is here. Purpose built to deliver both Sonic and conventional Mud. Air and Auger Rotary drilling methods. Sonic Rig Assembly After being unpacked the Sonic Rig is ready to be fully assembled. Followed by testing and safety inspection. Therefore ensuring the Sonic Rig meets Aust [...]

J&S Drilling remains fully operational

J&S Drilling remains fully operational and we are continuing to deliver our services in WA & QLD. Our staff remain on the job, either in the office, on location, or at home. To help us help you keep your business running. So please use existing J&S Drilling contact channels or our websit [...]