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When you are relying on water for your business, the middle of summer is not the ideal time for the steel casing on a 20 year old bore to rust out.

Bore Reline

A Bore Reline can be a cost effective way to get back in business in the shortest possible time. Options were weighed up in consultation with the client and bringing the water supply back online as soon as possible was the clients number one priority. A plan was developed to reline the bore using a Double M Packer and PVC sleeve.

Air Developing

The screens were pressure jetted and concurrently air developed and then the sleeve was installed. A preventative maintenance program was also developed and a dosing tub installed with the pump. With routine maintenance the bore should continue to operate as a reliable water source for the business.

The bore is now back in use producing water that is critical to the business activities – another great result.

A licenced Driller and qualified offsiders performed the works and achieved the business outcome the client required.