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We provide Geotechnical, Waterwell, Monitoring Bore & Environmental drilling services, including Over Water / marine operations for everything from jetties and marina development to pipeline approaches and tailings dams, with a wide range of equipment to meet all our clients’ needs.

Our Geotechnical Drilling services assess subsurface qualities for buildings and bridge sites, dam walls and all other types of infrastructure. We can provide Truck, Trailer, Track Mounted Drill Rigs, Barges, Jackups, Mangrove Buggys, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) & Morookas.

Water well includes specialised services in Mine Dewatering Bores, Water Abstraction, Monitoring Bores and Production Bore installations and redevelopments. Our Drillers are Licensed Water Bore Drillers at Class 1, 2 and 3 level in WA, NT & QLD.

Environmental Drilling services can investigate contaminated sites for chemicals, leachates and gas intersections, and install all types of water wells and bores offering  small footprint drilling provisions based on type of Drill Rig and restricted access requirements


  • Mine Dewatering Bores / Pits / Tailing Dams / Drainage corridors
  • Production Bores / Stock Bores / Irrigation Bores / Agricultural Bores / Town Supplies
  • Abstraction Bores: contamination / thermal / mineral
  • Monitoring Bores: water quality / quantity
  • Thermal geophysical Bores: heating / cooling
  • Injection Bores


To assess subsurface geological properties for:
  • Buildings
  • Bridge sites
  • Dam walls and sites
  • Infrastructure development
  • Railway corridors
  • Earth rods & pylons
  • Tank sites
  • Roads and airports
  • Pipelines


  • Contaminated site investigations, chemicals, tip sites, leachates, gas intersections
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Service station hydrocarbon investigations
  • Hydrocarbon-free tools, steam and pressure decontamination waste

BORES – Monitoring Bores / Production Bores / Recovery Bores / Injection Bores

  • Redevelopment of production bores
    • Abstraction, recovery, injection
    • Steel, FRP, ABS or PVC casings
    • Stainless steel screens & slotted casing
    • Pressure cement and trammie grouting
  • Gravel packing and development
  • Aquifer testing and pump installation
  • Redevelopment and rehabilitation
  • Monitoring bores
    • Threaded casing
    • Annulus seals


  • Air / Mud Rotary
  • Air Core
  • Air Hammer & RAB
  • HW, HQ and PQ Casing Advancer
  • Tubex
  • Auger Drilling
  • Auger Coring
  • PQ3 triple-tube wire line diamond coring
  • HQ3 triple-tube wire line diamond coring
  • NQ3 triple-tube wire line diamond coring
  • Vibro Coring
  • Conventional Coring
  • Earth Probe
    • 19mm tube sample
    • 38mm tube sample
    • 45mm tube sample


Nearshore, Shallow marine drilling from free-floating and Jackup barges:
  • Drilling in nearshore water depths ranging to 20nm
  • Dredge developments
  • Jetties and moorings
  • Marina developments
  • Breakwater investigations
  • Oil & Gas pipeline approaches
  • Harbour and Wharf developments and extensions
  • Tailings dams
  • Residue disposal areas
  • Containment ponds


  • U Tube: 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100m – Stainless Steel Tube
  • Piston Tube Sampler: 50mm, 63mm – Brass Tube
  • Denison Tube Sampler: 63mm
  • SPT: 35m, 50mm – Steel Split Spoons
  • Diamond Coring: NQ3, HQ3, PQ3, 5″ NMLC – Stainless Steel Splits and Plastic Tubes
  • Auger: 45mm, 83mm – Steel Split Spoons
  • Vibrating Tube: 19mm, 38mm, 45mm & 63mm – Plastic Tubes or Stainless Steel Splits
  • TUBEX: Chip Particle – Cyclone


  • SPT
  • Shear Vane
  • Pressure Metre
  • Packer NQ/HQ
  • Falling Head
  • Rising Head
  • Pump Testing (Low Volume)
  • Water Test


In addition to the drilling and support capability, the following sampling and in-situ testing methods are available:
  • Undisturbed (push tube and piston) sampling (45mm, 61mm and 81mm)
  • Standard Penetration Test (includes disturbed sample)
  • Vane Shear Test Pump Testing (low volume capacity)
  • Permeability testing (via screen auger or piezometer)
  • Single and Double Packer Permeability (downhole)
  • Piezometer Installation