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Landfill Monitoring Bores

The J&S Drilling Team took Rig 4 (Jacro 200) out to do a short landfill monitoring bores program for a site at Dalwallinu.

Auger Drilling

Auger Drilling the ground and installing monitoring tubes in line with the DWER requirements was all in a day’s work for the J&S Drilling team.

Monitoring Bore Construction

Boreholes were constructed using threaded 50mm CL18 PVC casing with the bottom six (6) metres being slotted. The annulus around the screened interval  back filled with graded river sand to within two metres of surface followed by a bentonite seal and sanitary grout plug.  Monitoring bores were developed and then finished with lockable steel headworks for protection.

No job too big or too small!

Landfill Monitoring Bores 1