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253 Wattleup Road, Wattleup, WA 6166

J&S Drilling continues the drilling and installation of Dewatering & Injection bores for major infrastructure projects within the Perth CBD.

Notably, the Perth Bus Port a new development by the Perth Transit Authority that required numerous bores to depths of up to 25 metres installing 100mm PVC casings.

Track mounted drilling equipment was implemented here due to the limited workspace and ongoing construction activities onsite.

 J&S drilling has been actively completing Dewatering Wells for BHPs Finucane Island in Port Hedland.

A project requirement for 40 dewatering bores along with Monitoring bores and Instrumentation bores 

Project are completed using Class 1 & Class 2 drillers, accredited crews and a fleet of Fraste, Edsons and small drill rigs perfect for restricted access drilling locations, including transferring from truck mounted to track mounted drilling rig with automated rod handling and hydraulically operated make and break rod clamps.

Site compliance and safety auditing are critical components when working on clients sites.