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J&S Drilling Crew, utilising a Fraste 300 (Rig 12), have delivered another successful outcome for a J&S Drilling client delivering a 200m deep cathodic protection project in the Perth Basin. The Fraste 300 performed well and proved to be the right rig for the job.


Surface casing was installed to 30 metres with a full grout job to stabilise and isolate the superficial aquifer ahead of the final hole being drilled to 200 metres and geophysically logged. All drilling done utilising Mud Rotary methodology.

Casing was installed inline with the design criteria after which gravel pack and grout were used to complete the construction. A two stage grout placement was used to reduce the risk of casing collapse.

Drilling and installation conducted by a Class 2 Licensed Driller

Anode Installation – Cathodic Protection project in the Perth Basin

The anode and coke backfill were successfully installed after some product related difficulties were encountered. It is how these guys handled the unexpected that resulted in the successful outcome. Excellent perseverance from the crew!


Anode - Cathodic Protection

Considerations on this project included being in close proximity to a high pressure gas pipe line.

A great experience working with a good team – Thanks to all!

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