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Bowen Basin Exploration Drilling Programmes

J&S drilling has recently completed 2 x Bowen Basin Exploration Drilling Programmes. Both drilling programs have been successful and has allowed J&S to secure ongoing exploration drilling works at Coal Mines in the Bowen Basin.

Drilling method

The Drilling method utilised on these Bowen Basin Exploration Drilling Programmes has consisted 99mm and 120mm open hole air PCD drilling. These Chip exploration holes were drilled on inclinations varying from 45 degrees to 90 degrees (vertical) to depths up to 220m. The purpose of the drilling was to ascertain coal seams and to allow for downhole logging to understand the geotechnical stability of open-cut pit walls.

Minimal interruption to production

Larger drill rigs were utilized in the Bowen Basin Exploration Drilling Programmes to ensure drilling speed and efficiency to ensure the mine did not have to cease production of extracting coal from the open cut pits for a long period of time. A smaller track mounted drill rig was also utilized to carry out the exploration and logging works in areas where larger rigs would intrude on major mine access roads. This allowed the mine to continue Haul truck operations whilst the exploration drilling and logging was being carried out. Ultimately this saved time, money and minimized the loss to the mines production. The supplied drilling rigs and platforms supported a safe separation between all parties mitigating interaction of contractors and other potential safety hazards.

J&S drilling continues to invest time and effort to ensure our equipment compliant to the mines. With strong housekeeping standards we Keep our vehicles and equipment well maintained and presentable.

J&S have had great results from the exploration and geotechnical drilling and are continually approached to provide single and multiple drill rigs for drilling campaigns.

Gracemere, Central QLD office

With our Office in Gracemere, Central QLD, we can offer our drilling services across the State and nationally. Whether its onland or overwater drilling campaigns you need, we continue to set the standard. With over 35 years expertise in Geotechnical, Environmental, Water Well, Marine, Barge, Exploration and bore decommissioning’s and redevelopments.

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