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Market Gardens Groundwater Bore

Market Gardens Groundwater Bore:  drilling and installing a 200mm Bore in what is sure to be lost circulation, just the words every driller wants to hear - for the lads at J&S Drilling this was barely a challenge! Licenced Driller Class 1 Driller requirement  Market Gardens Groundwater Bor [...]

Water Bore drilling program and a PQ Coring program

J&S Drilling has been busy delivering a resource drilling program in the West. Working to deliver our resource sector client both a Water Bore drilling program and a PQ Coring program. The same rig has been used to deliver both scopes which includes vertical and angled requirements. Water Bores [...]

Basalt Quarry Geotech Drilling

GRM Engineering – Basalt Quarry Geotech Drilling The Basalt Quarry Geotech Drilling project involved investigating the suitability of material. To use as a wearing course for mine haul roads. If successful, the project could potentially improve the skid resistance of haul roads and reduce the do [...]

Rio Tinto RMA Drilling QLD

Geotech investigations, Monitoring bore drilling & installations QLD J&S drilling continues works at Rio Tintos RMA facility in Yarwun QLD. J&S Drilling have been carrying out the Rio Tinto RMA Drilling QLD programs at the since late 2016. The drilling programs to date have consist of G [...]

Queensland Bowen Basin

Geotechnical Drilling Projects: J&S drilling continues to carry out Geotechnical Drilling Investigations on coal mine sites across the Queensland Bowen Basin. The Geotechnical Programs typically consist of HQ and PQ coring in conjunction with various sampling techniques including: SPTs, U63 Pu [...]

Mine Site Dewatering Western Australia

Mine Site Dewatering Western Australia. J&S Drilling successfully completed a series of mine site dewatering bores on Western Australia client sites. Bores were drilled utilising Rotary Mud drilling techniques to achieve nominal depths between 180m and 200m. The mine site dewatering bore [...]