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J&S Sprint Car update

Lockie McHugh has set a Revolution Racing Gear Quick Time of 11.733 at Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane.      

Best Photo Competition 4th Quarter 2019

The best staff field photos will be added to the J&S Drilling news items each quarter. Best photo competition 4th Quarter – Click on read more to see winner and runner up photos for fourth quarter of 2019 Selected from 53 submitted photos WINNER:  PHOTO TAKEN BY RON CAMPBELL RUNNER [...]

Production Bore Investigation and Redevelopment

J&S Drilling has undertaken a production bore investigation and redevelopment project. Just a few hours north of Perth. The drill crew mobilized a Fraste FS300 drilling rig, compressor and support equipment to undertake the investigation. A licensed driller and crew drove to site and setup [...]

Diamond Core Resource Evaluation

September and October 2019, have seen the continuation of the Diamond Core Resource Evaluation Project in the Northern Territory The crews have been using a multi purpose Edson 3000 rig to drill PQ triple tube core to various depths for Ore Body evaluation. The KPI’s for the periods are impr [...]

National Resource Review Article

Why a MAN is often the right truck for the job. See the full interview at National Resource Review Article As a business that has been in operation for over 35 years, J&S Drilling has a reputation for reliability. Offering specialist drilling and geotechnical services to the mining and resourc [...]

Overwater PQ3 Coring

Ocean Driller II photo shows it getting a drill rig and deck fittings loaded in preparation for a Top End Marine Drilling Program. Overwater PQ3 Coring J&S Drilling has been engaged to perform PQ3 Coring near existing marine infrastructure. Our, in Class, Ocean Driller II is being loaded with [...]