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J&S Drilling has been busy delivering a resource drilling program in the West. Working to deliver our resource sector client both a Water Bore drilling program and a PQ Coring program. The same rig has been used to deliver both scopes which includes vertical and angled requirements.

Water Bores

Water bores were drilled and constructed to depths of 100m using both Conventional Hammer and Rotary Mud drilling methodologies. Bores were constructed using 155mm casings in line with the minimum standards and delivered on the required yield. Drilling though some reactive zones the crews have once again demonstrated their ability to work with ever changing ground conditions to achieve the client outcomes.

PQ Coring

PQ Coring is underway and has started with some angled holes to approximately 100m. Coring includes core orientation and driller operated surveys which is providing the client with the data set they hoped for.

Once the angled holes are completed the project focus moves on to PQ cored vertical holes to finish this stage of drilling. Both the Water Bore drilling program and a PQ Coring program are being drilled by licensed Drillers.