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Geotechnical Drilling Projects:

J&S drilling continues to carry out Geotechnical Drilling Investigations on coal mine sites across the Queensland Bowen Basin. The Geotechnical Programs typically consist of HQ and PQ coring in conjunction with various sampling techniques including: SPTs, U63 Push Tubes and Packer Testing. With three upcoming projects to start in the near future for Geotechnical Investigations of Structure Foundations, Creek Diversions and Monitoring Bore Installations.

Drilling method:

Methods used to date on these programs have consisted of Hollow Stem Auger Drilling, HQ and PQ Coring, Open hole Rotary Air and Mud Drilling, HW and PW Casing Advance Methods using Mud Drilling Techniques with this system.

J&S Drilling Commitment:

J&S drilling have invested a great deal ensuring our Plant / Equipment and Vehicles are client site access compliant and keeping them well maintained and presentable for these works. Crews are also highly trained and hold qualifications / tickets that is acknowledged by our clients. As is the standard of core samples and the condition and reliability of the Plant / Equipment and Vehicles.

Queensland Bowen Basin

J&S have had outstanding results across all of these projects and  continue to receive invitations for more drilling works across the the Queensland Bowen Basin.