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253 Wattleup Road, Wattleup, WA 6166

Mine Site Dewatering Western Australia. J&S Drilling successfully completed a series of mine site dewatering bores on Western Australia client sites.

Bores were drilled utilising Rotary Mud drilling techniques to achieve nominal depths between 180m and 200m.

The mine site dewatering bores project was delivered incident free.

This mine site dewatering bores project was completed by Class 2 Drillers and accredited crews. Operating on a 7 day a week roster basis.

The drilling rig fitted with Rod storage and handling was ideally suited to the project achieving all production targets.

J&S Drilling can provide many types of bore services including: drilling and construction of bores (100 to 450mm diameter) for commercial, mining, construction, rural and domestic use. Licensed Water Well Drillers at Class 1, 2 and 3 level from our WA, NT & QLD offices. J&S Drilling operates nationally from these offices and can provide a quote for your drilling needs. Please use the website ‘Quote Request‘ or contact us via email or phone.

Types of Bores include:

  • Mine Dewatering Bores / Pits / Tailing Dams / Drainage Corridors
  • Production Bores / Recovery Bores
  • Abstraction Bores / Reinjection Bores
  • Town Water Supply / Bore Fields
  • Monitoring Bores / Vibrating Wire Piezometers
  • Stock Bores / Irrigation Bores / Agricultural Bores
  • Geothermal Bores
  • Redevelopment and rehabilitation of bores
  • Test Pumping