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Land Fill Monitoring Bores project conducted at the Henderson Waste Recovery Facility

We deployed an Edson 3000 Drilling rig set up for Auger drilling through very difficult terrain. As a result we auger drilled and installed 40 monitoring bores.

Despite the difficult drilling conditions, the various drill depths was easily achieved

A challenging job that was handled well by the crew – great outcome!

Auger Drilling is predominantly used for geotechnical and environmental drilling. Its purpose is the cutting or gouging with the chiseled tip of a rotating drill bit. Rotating helical screw blade called  ‘flights’ act as a screw conveyor to remove the drilled out cuttings. The rotation of the blade causes the cuttings to move out of the hole being drilled.

Auger drilling can be a quick and environmentally friendly method of drilling. Although the penetration rate depends on the type of ground conditions encountered. Furthermore Auger drilling is a dry method, although water can be added to a dry hole to aid in penetration and the lift of the cuttings from the hole. Rotation can be slower than other drilling methods, rarely exceeding 30 rpm, on the other hand providing high torque. Importantly the rod stem or augers are available in 1.5M or 3M lengths.