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GRM Engineering – Basalt Quarry Geotech Drilling

The Basalt Quarry Geotech Drilling project involved investigating the suitability of material. To use as a wearing course for mine haul roads. If successful, the project could potentially improve the skid resistance of haul roads and reduce the down time due to wet weather.

The drilling campaign

Initiated as the first step to evaluate the suitability source of material. J&S Drilling drilled 8 holes to a depth of around 80m to obtain material and rock core samples for lab testing. The testing will confirm if the material is suitable for use as a road wearing course.

Professional Approach

J&S drilling provided a professional team of experienced operators and equipment that was fit for purpose. The team was proactive and worked with BMA to make changes to the work area to ensure that the work could be carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Safety Planning

Planning sessions and a WRAC were held prior to mobilization which identified several risks which were well controlled by the drilling team. The work was executed without incident ahead of the planned schedule.