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Northern Territory

Our ongoing relationship with our clients in NT has seen the completion of Monitoring Bore programs and Geotechnical drilling and sampling for Tailings Storage Facilities along with Geotechnical drilling for Quarries and road making materials in remote locations.

We have also completed pilot drilling and final reaming and construction of Production Bores for Defence at various facilities within NT.

J&S Drilling operates a Yard in Pinelands Darwin and has held a CAL accreditation for several years in NT.

CAL accreditation confirms a contractor’s suitability to complete NT Government works.


Marine Drilling

This year has seen the completion of nearshore drilling for the future Defence upgrade of a wharf facility in Darwin Port.

The Ocean Driller II successfully completed a program of Geotechnical PQ3 drilling and sampling along the future construction alignment.

Supported by Guardian Offshore for Jack Up Barge (JUB) towing and crew transfers the project was completed within the budget allocation and within the time allowance securing accurate geotechnical data with a minimum of sample loss.

U63 Tubes and SPTs were also taken to secure additional data from the loose sediments prior to coring the basement formation for samples.


Production Bores 

Continuing J&S Drilling’s experience supplying quality Production Bores we have successfully completed Production Bores equipped with pumps and headworks from the Swan Valley to Bunbury in early 2017.

Bores drilled to between 60 metres and 130 metres with steel surface casings, Fibreglass Reinforced Casing (FRP), Test Pumping and Headworks have been completed using both Air Drilling and Mud Rotary completions.

Bores have been Down Hole Logged with Natural Gamma and Long and Short Resistivity to determine suitable aquifer identification along with the sampling and logging of drill cuttings to confirm identification of suitable Hydrogeological strata.

From this data the bores can be accurately designed to obtain the best yield possible prior to final construction.

Class 2 & 3 drillers have been kept busy complying with the Department of Water (DoW) West Australia conditions of licence constructing bores to the Minimum Requirements for Water bore Construction in Australia.

Provision of accurate drilling logs, sampling and strata description, completion of Form 2s for DoW are integral conditions of licenced bore completion in West Australia.

Continuing with J&S Drilling’s strong relationship with the WA Water Corporation we have completed additional drilling and installation of Production Bores in the South West of WA.

Albany comprised seven (7) Production bores complete with Stainless Steel screens and cl12 PVC casing to depths of circa 80 metres these bores produced various flows of 2 to 10 litres per second determined from constant rate pump testing over 48 hours of continuous pumping.

Strata drilled comprised clays and gravels with discreet lenses of water bearing sands at varying intervals. These water bearing lenses where captured using a variety of screen apertures set at varying depths to maximize bore yields and performance.

In total J&S drilling has added an additional 12 bores to the Albany bore fields.


Bore Headworks 

J&S Drilling has a fully equipped workshop complimenting field operations and satisfying client requirements for fabrication and supply of bore completion headworks and accessories.

Galvanized and Stainless Steel headworks to suit all diameter bores are fabricated by our boilermakers to local council and engineered specifications.

Including lockable valves, water meters, sniffer valves and multiple discharge offtakes J&S drilling can fabricate and install to your design and meet the most rigorous specifications for completion.

08 Aug - headworks1 Headworks Headworks cropped - Mousey rd Flange Photo - cropped



J&S Drilling has continued in 2016 to build our reputation for remote site access with another successful Potash sampling project completed on one of Australia’s most remote salt lakes Lake Mackay.

Lake Mackay is enormous and comes with the logistical challenges of plant and equipment freight, crew accommodation and site access and heritage restrictions.

Our client Agrimin was adequately prepared and supported by their logistics team allowing J&S drilling to get on with the job of returning undisturbed tube samples from depths of up to 12 metres.

Using our fleet of All Terrain Vehicles  and our Land Tamer crew and tow vehicle we completed the first stage of drilling and sampling with a Jacro 200 rig, further assisted on stage 2 with Helicopter support lifting and transferring our equipment from each location to counter unseasonal wet conditions.

02 Feb - R4 & Helicopter


Talison Lithium based in Greenbushes WA had a 2016 requirement to drill and install a water extraction bore and also a reinjection bore at the Greenbushes open cut mine.

Challenging hard ground conditions of Spodumene and Pegmatites tested our plant, equipment and drilling bits with high wear factors and abrasiveness key issues on this job.

Drill diameters of 150mm pilot holes followed by 17 ½ hole reamers along with 17 ½ inch air hammer bits were used to complete the bores to depths of 180 metres.

Bores were steel cased with Stainless Steel screens and completed to the clients specification.


Perth Airport Tunnel

In keeping with J&S Drillings reputation for quality deep Production Bores we recently completed a 170m deep Production Bore to supply the tunnel boring machines drilling water for the Perth Transit Authorities Forrestfield Airport Link Tunnel.

Contracted to the Saligni Impreglio NRW JV we completed the drilling and installation on time and within budget. Down Hole geophysical logging and Hydrogeological reporting determined that the design and flow could be improved from the original scope of work by drilling deeper and altering the installation design.

These design amendments ensured higher rates of flows up to 32 litres per second would be available if required.

Test Pumping confirmed the constant rate flow of 20 litres per second was readily achievable.


Bremer Bay, South West WA Coast 

J&S drilling undertook the successful drilling & installation of 4 Production Bores, on behalf of the Water Corporation, within an environmentally sensitive state reserve accessed through private land.

Drilling and installations consisted of 4 large diameter Production Bores to upgrade the potable water supply for the town site of Bremer Bay.

Production Bores where drilled and installed with stainless steel screens, air developed for 40 hours and pump tested to flow rates up to 10 litres per second for 48 hours.

Water Corporations water sampling regime was completed with samples taken by J&S Drilling’s accredited water sampling team and delivered to laboratories in Perth within 24 hours.

Licenced Class 2 drillers and accredited crews completed the project on time and within budget.


Albany Borefield Replacement Bores

As the successful tenderer J&S drilling was awarded these important works by the West Australian Water Corporation to replace 5 existing Production Bores along with the decommissioning of 5 redundant bores.

Works were completed adjacent National Parks requiring 4WD access along bushland tracks, equipment wash down for weed and seed and dieback control.

Bore casing diameters ranged from 250mm to 200mm comprising steel surface casing, PVC casing and Stainless Steel screens installed at varying intervals.

Depths of up 80 metres were successfully drilled and installed.

All bores were air developed for 40 hours to remove drilling muds and fine sands to ensure the quality and integrity of the water supply.

Pump testing, through step and constant rate testing was completed with flow rates of up to 30 litres per second.

As lead contractor J&S drilling was responsible for holding a Construction Risk Assessment Workshop (CRAW) prior to commencement, subcontractor selection and prequalification, program scheduling and reporting.

Licenced Class 2 drillers and accredited crews completed the project on time and within budget.


Monitoring Bore Drilling & Installation

In late 2015 J&S Drilling completed the drilling and installation of Monitoring Bores for Iluka Resources Capel operations in West Australia.

Bores were successfully drilled into the Leederville Aquifer and Superficial Aquifers by licenced Class 1 & 2 drillers along with accredited crews.

A total of 44 bores comprising 990 metres of drilling and installations were completed within the allocated timeframe handing the client cost savings on the original cost estimate.

Class 12 80mm casing with 6 metre screens was installed; each bore completion included the installation of a steel lockable borehead and concrete plinth.


Dewatering Bores

Throughout 2015 J&S Drilling completed the drilling and installation of Dewatering & Injection bores for major infrastructure projects within the Perth CBD.

Notably, the Perth Bus Port a new development by the Perth Transit Authority that required numerous bores to depths of up to 25 metres installing 100mm PVC casings.

Track mounted drilling equipment was implemented here due to the limited workspace and ongoing construction activities onsite.

Commencing in 2016 J&S drilling has been actively completing Dewatering Wells for BHPs Finucane Island in Port Hedland.

A project requirement for 40 dewatering bores along with Monitoring bores and Instrumentation bores has been ongoing throughout January and February 2016.

This project was completed using Class 1 drillers, accredited crews and a Fraste XL Max track mounted drilling rig with automated rod handling and hydraulically operated make and break rod clamps.

Site compliance and safety auditing are critical components when working on this clients sites.


Groote Eylandt NT

Continuing J&S Drilling’s long term contractual relationship with BHP Gemco now South 32 we have recently completed the drilling and installation of deep large diameter Production Bores for minesite production water.

5 Bores have been installed with 300mm steel casing with stainless steel screens along with stainless steel headworks manufactured at the J&S Drilling Perth workshop.

Our flagship Fraste FS 300 38 tonne automated drilling rig was used to penetrate to depth through the hard layers of manganese orebody. Mud recycling was an integral part of this operation recycling drilling fluids to minimize waste and contain costs.

J&S drilling’s licenced Northern Territory drillers completed this project with accredited support crews and hydrogeological support from AGE consultants.

Production water flow rates from these bores now provide a guaranteed supply of Minesite production water for continued operations throughout the year.


Agriculture Water Supply Williams WA.

J&S drilling has recently undertaken a challenging project to define suitable stock water and potable water in this granite belt of West Australia.

Adopting Geophysical Survey practises to identify geological intrusions that may allow the flow of water through rock formations J&S drilling defined 6 targets over a 900 Ha property.

Exploration drilling was completed through the use of air hammer drilling to quickly penetrate to depth, each water zone intersected down hole was tested for salinity and air lifted to asses yield before proceeding down the hole.

Depths of 100 metres for each location were recommended.

Salinity of groundwater in this area can reach extreme levels unsuitable for stock consumption.

1 Bore has successfully yielded a small domestic supply of potable water.

Another has yielded a 2700ppm supply for stock consumption suited for a solar pump and tank.

2 bores yielded a supply in excess of 5500ppm unsuitable for stock.

A further to bores were drilled, reamed and installed yielding 1 to 2 litres per second at acceptable salinity.

The remaining target has been left untested.


Salt Lake Auger drilling 

During 2015 J&S Drilling undertook a project in central West Australia drilling and sampling for Soluble Potash, a high value agricultural fertilizer, on a large salt lake.

Utilizing our all wheel terrain vehicles (ATVs) and trailer mounted drilling equipment J&S Drilling successfully drilled through the salt crust and confining clay layer to a depth of 20 metres collecting undisturbed tube samples 750mm long through Hollow Auger drilling.

Approximately 600 metres of drilling and sampling was completed during this project.

The client, listed on the ASX, was able to use the drilling sample results as part of their resource calculations for ASX reporting.


Nearshore Jack Up Barge Projects

During the last 5 years J&S Drilling has successfully completed nearshore drilling works throughout Australian ports, marinas and shipping channels.

Notably the Ocean Driller II, J & S Drilling’s Combifloat,  has completed several projects within Gladstone Harbour and associated shipping channels.

Working for WICET, Gladstone Ports and dredging contractors VODI J&S Drilling completed several large PQ3 coring projects returning high percentage sample recovery in gravels, cobbles, silts, sand and clays found in this location.

Through the use of skilled Geotechnical drillers, support crews and proprietary drilling bits and equipment we completed all projects within the estimated timeframes and to the client’s satisfaction.

Other Geotechnical investigations utilizing JUB’s within Australian ports include Darwin Port, Port Hedland, Dampier, Anketell Point and Albany, drilling and sampling for dredging programs, infrastructure and feasibility studies for future works.


Other Nearshore Programs.

Complimenting J&S Drilling’s near shore drilling & sampling ability we own and operate the Trevally a 14 metre self-propelled twin screwed work barge specifically acquired to service nearshore shallow drilling programs for marinas, rivers and small jetty construction.

The Trevally is versatile, manoeuvrable and freighted to site in one low load and works throughout Australia.

Geotechnical drilling projects successfully completed include, Mandurah Traffic Bridge, Vale St Jetty Rockingham, Exmouth Marina, Leeman Jetty, Henderson Breakwater and Freemantle Harbour.

Working in water depths of up to 10 metres the Trevally has a 4 point anchoring system for stability whilst drilling and a drilling rig capable of depths up to 40 metres taking HQ3 core samples, SPTs and U63 Tubes.

The Trevally has the ability to work on flooded tailings dams and within flooded open cut mines for sampling, testing and rehabilitation projects.


Push Tube Sampling

J&S Drilling also owns and operates an all-terrain Earthprobe 2000 capable of retrieving continuous undisturbed samples contained within a plastic 500mm long 50mm clear tube.

Ideal for Minesite tailings assessments, wetland and acid sulphate soil sampling the Earthprobe has been utilized in intertidal areas, mangroves, wetlands and other locations requiring environmentally sensitive access and a small footprint presence.

Support equipment for this excellent sampling machine comprises track mounted All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), a Land Tamer personnel carrier vehicle capable of couriering 6 personnel and track mounted or bubble tyred trailers for additional equipment and sampling consumables.

Projects completed include Tailings investigations on Groote Eylandt and Acid Sulphate soil investigations at Wheatstone.


Domestic Rural& Commercial Water bores

For 30 years J&S drilling has serviced the West Australian water bore industry under the guidance of our Proprietor John McLellan a licenced Class 3 Water Well driller.

Drilling in all formations from the Perth basin to the hard rock of the Pilbara and granites of the wheat belt J&S drilling has completed hundreds of water bores to all depths for domestic potable and stock water.

Utilizing all of our available drilling resources J&S drilling strives to satisfy clients water requirements in the harshest of terrains known throughout West Australia, NT and QLD.

Initially J&S drilling utilizes desk top studies, historical bore information and industry contacts to achieve the best available knowledge for the project at hand.

Implementing air drilling investigations, portable salt meter readings and air lifting tests we endeavour to discover all we can prior to final reaming and construction of the completed bore.